So what should we eat?

Cutting out grains, heavy starches, processed foods, refined sugars, legumes, and dairy is a lot. If all that stuff makes us sick and fat, what do we eat?


This is the new staple. You should be eating more vegetables than anything else. It’s impossible to get fat eating vegetables and you will feel full, I promise. (And remember, corn, peas, and green beans are NOT vegetables. Corn is a grain and peas/green beans are legumes).


No, meat is not the devil and will not give you heart disease (heart disease is actually from those darn carbs and refined sugars again). It’s actually considered a superfood, but only if it comes from good meat sources. Commercial meat is not good meat. Today, cows, pigs, and chickens are all raised in factories, where they eat grains (which are bad for them just like they are for us) and are given tons of growth hormones and antibiotics. They are put in small spaces with so many others that they can’t even move, on purpose so that they get fatter faster. After slaughter the meat usually contains lots of chemicals and dyes, that way it looks fresher than it really is. This is just regular meat at the store, don’t even get me started on fast food. That stuff is horrible, and can barely even be considered meat. It’s a little bit more expensive to buy better meat, but so worth it. Think of it as an investment in your health now, that way you don’t have to pay crazy expensive medical bills later. If you can afford it, always try to buy grass-fed beef, free-range chickens that eat a varied diet (chickens are omnivores and should eat plants as well as some meat or worms), free-range (and maybe grass-fed as well) pork, wild fish, etc. A great way to do this is to buy meat from farms, where you can buy in bulk (which is actually pretty cheap for the amount of meat you get) and freeze the meat, and you know the animals are living how they should be living, being treated how they should be treated and eating what they should be eating. A lot of health food stores sell these types of meat as well. If this is too expensive, at least buy organic meat and antibiotic-free meat. No, it’s not as good for you, but it’s still a lot better for you then, for example, a big mac. And if you can afford organic and anti-biotic free either, it’s okay. Still, better to eat that than to eat all the stuff you were eating before. And don’t forget about eggs! Eggs are super cheap, even from free-range, healthy chickens.

*Notes: Check out some meal planning blogs/articles. This helps you save a lot of money by only buying the food you are going to eat, and might help you afford better meat.

If you’re worried about eating a lot of meat, especially red meat, check out these articles —,, and

Bacon is absolutely 100% recommended. That stuff is delicious and since we know all that stuff about whole wheat bagels and oatmeal and how it makes us fat and takes away our nutrients, bacon is the healthier breakfast despite what we’ve been told. However, do make sure to buy bacon that doesn’t have added sugar or chemicals, and is from a quality pig. Check out this picture —



If you’re trying to lose weight, limit your fruit intake. Only eating 1-2 servings a day will help you shed those extra pounds. More than that will make it more difficult, because of the sugar. But if you’re not trying to lose weight, have at it! Eat more vegetables than you do fruit, of course, but don’t feel like you need to limit your fruit intake at all.

Nuts and seeds.

Nuts and seeds can be a little bit problematic because they have some anti-nutrients too, but you can remove those pretty well by soaking them in water. They are great for a snack, or can be made into a flour to make yummy baked things, but because of the risk of anti-nutrients we shouldn’t go crazy. Yes, you can make bread will almond flour, but a whole lot of almond flour all the time isn’t going to do you any favors health wise. (And remember, peanuts are NOT nuts. They are legumes. If you love peanut butter, there are so many alternatives. Try any other nut or seed butter instead. I love almond butter, but there are tons more).

Healthy fats.

Poor fat. Everybody says it’s bad, and while there are bad fats, healthy fats are one of the best things you could eat. Healthy fats include animal fat, oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil (and just plain avocados), or some nut oils, coconut or almond milk, and ghee (this is made from butter, preferably grass-fed, but all the bad stuff is removed and it turns out more like an oil). Fat is what keeps you full, which helps you stop overeating. The obesity epidemic started with the low-fat, high-carbohydrate phase, because carbs don’t keep you full and you’re not eating fat to balance it out, so you’re just overeating all the time. Stop looking at an avocado like it will be the death of you because it has fat in it and then eating tons and tons of grains and refined sugars and fast food. That is so twisted I can’t even believe it. Makes absolutely no sense. Check out these articles:,, and

This is called eating Paleo. I was going to attach some articles, but just google it and you’ll find tons and tons and tons of information. You’ll also find articles saying that eating Paleo isn’t healthy, but every one of those articles that I’ve read says things about Paleo that aren’t even true (such as eating meat more than anything else… wrong, it’s vegetables), and doesn’t even mention why Paleo-eaters cut out the things they do (instead they act like it’s all made up and Paleo-eaters cut out food groups all willy-nilly). It’s all based on real science. You’ll also find a lot of stuff about eating like a caveman. Yes, that’s why it’s called Paleo. Paleo-lithic. Honestly, I don’t care about eating like a caveman. Sure, sounds cool, but that’s not why I do it. What matters more is that in human bodies today, there are foods that work really well and there are foods that cause problems. Paleo cuts out all the foods that cause problems, which makes us feel better, cures our diseases, and causes many people to lose weight that they haven’t been able to lose any other way. Just try it. 30 days, then eat something that’s not Paleo and see how you feel. You won’t feel good. Then keep it up, and see if those health problems that your doctors have just been throwing different medicines at don’t clear up. I bet they will. Don’t believe me? Just try it. JUST TRY IT. What do you have to lose?

(To renew your relationship with food, check out Whole30. You don’t have to do it, but I think it’s a really great way to start the journey. It’s pretty strict, but very worth it).

Feel free to comment or contact me if you have any questions!

*Note: Those with autoimmune diseases will have to cut out even more. There are some anti-nutrients in eggs, nuts and seeds (and even spices made from seeds — mustard, cumin, coriander, fennel, cardamom, fenugreek, caraway, nutmeg, and dill seed), and nightshade vegetables (tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, eggplant, mustard seeds, and all chili’s including spices) that will cause problems as well. For the average healthy person, they’re fine, but if you’re really trying to heal your insides from an autoimmune disease, this makes a huge difference. Google “paleo autoimmune protocol”.


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